Full Replay: Bernie Sanders vs. Ted Cruz Debate on Obamacare


CNN hosted this debate Tuesday between Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz on the topic of the Affordable Care Act and healthcare reform. The ideologically opposite senators found a few areas of agreement: they both said that lower price drugs should be imported from abroad. Cruz also suggested forcing the FDA to act faster in approving new treatments.

Another point of contention was Cruz's opposition to socialist "rationing" in a state-controlled environment. Sanders said that the only rationing in America today was done by income: "If you are very rich you can get the best healthcare in the world."

On the topic of Obamacare, Cruz said that all the Republican reform plans protect people with pre-existing conditions but was unclear if that also applied to everyone to the extent that the Affordable Care Act does.

"All of them protect people in your situation," Cruz said to the audience member asking the question about pre-existing conditions who said she was "alive because of ObamaCare."

For more, read CNN's recap of the event and this take from Current Affairs.

Part two:

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