Milo Yiannopoulos: Robert Reich and Newsweek "Pushing Insane Conspiracy Theories" About Berkeley Anarchists


Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos talks with Alex Jones about the recent riot at an event he hosted in Berkeley, CA, and claims that the violence was staged repeated on CNN and in NewsWeek by former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

"We had the paid, black-clothed anarchists," Milo said. "These well-organized, well-funded anarchists coming in and just causing mayhem, and the progressive left refuses to disavow it, refuses to say this is terrible and people should be able to express their views, whatever they are, it is absolutely terrible for the left."

He explained: "You know, like Voltaire, and 'I hate what you have to say but I defend your right to say it.' This shows the left at their most sinister and authoritarian. That's why my book... thank for mentioning it, has shot to number one, the top of the Amazon best-seller list. And interestingly the three books at the top of Amazon are: The Handmaidens Tale, 1984, and me. That may be some indication of how America is feeling about the ruling elite."

"You're not insane," he said to Jones. "Most people actually think more like you and less like them. And all of America is just sitting back and laughing at the progressive left trying to turn this into a race thing."

"I haven't been on the scene as long as you, Alex," he said. "But I am starting to amass a decent amount of support in America... There was this moment of slack-jawed horror when everyone realized what you were saying about the media was true. When on CNN, Robert Reich, who used to be in the Clinton administration and is now a professor at UC Berkeley, said: I wouldn't be surprised if Milo hired those guys himself, alleging that Brietbart had paid for 150 armed, organized anarchist protesters to beat up our own audience. And Don Lemon didn't call him out on it. Don Lemon asked him to expand upon it. And then the guy, Robert Reich, said it again, saying I wouldn't bet against it in Newsweek. This is CNN and Newsweek pushing insane, literally insane conspiracy theories. It is amazing."

"We'll try to find out anything we can about this for sure, one thing that is certain is these people are the same people who keep popping up, and they apear every time someone like you or me or Trump is trying to give a public speech or event," Milo said.

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