Garry Kasparov: Trump Is Putin's "Agent Of Chaos"


Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov joins MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid to describe the role he thinks Donald Trump plays in Vladimir Putin's long game.

GARRY KASPAROV: Set aside all the dossiers or other things that Putin has on Trump, I think Trump for Putin is a perfect agent of chaos and that's what Putin needs, because putin always saw NATO, European Union, other institutions that guaranteed peace and stability over seven decades, as an obstacle to his plans to spread influence.

He wants to divide his enemies and attack them one by one. And Trump was the perfect counterpart. What Trump said about NATO, what Trump said about the European Union, leaders like Angela Merkel, who stood their ground against Putin, helps Putin. Even if we assume there's nothing else and almost sinister would be --

JOY ANN REID: Sure, sure. Yeah. Is there anyone in the Trump administration that can counter the influence of Trump himself and people like Flynn and Tillerson and other pro-Putin types in the administration?

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