Carlson to Jose Antonio Vargas: If You're Here Illegally We Have A Right To Tell You To Leave, Right? What Am I Missing?


FNC host Tucker Carlson and Jose Antonio Vargas, an immigration rights activist who revealed himself to be in the country illegally in 2011, debate President Trump's plans to reform the immigraton system.

"Do you think I came to this country," he asked, "so you can beat me up and call me illegal and criminal on national television?"

"Because 'being here illegally' or being here without documentation or authorization is a cicil offence. Not criminal. Almost half of the people who are here illegally actually came legally and overstayed their visa. Right? They aren't crossing the Mexican border."

"Those seem like non-sequiturs," Carlson said.

Reply: "Tucker, the problem is you don't actually operate in facts. You don't!"

"I'm not contesting those facts?" Carlson said.

"No, no. These are facts," replied Vargas. "You don’t actually operate in facts… I operate in facts, you’re a pundit. There's a difference between the two of us."

Carklson asks: "What does that have to do with anything? You're not answering my question. Which is, if a country has a right to determine who is here and under what circumstances. What are you arguing about? If you're agreeing that a country has a right to determine who has a right to be here, what is the arguement? If you're here illegally, we have a right to tell you to leave. What am I missing?"

Vargas: "Yes, you do. But why am I here. What are the root causes of migration? What do U.S. foreign policy and trade agreements have to do with migration patterns? How did NAFTA impact not only the United States, but Mexico? Right? These are the harder questions."

"We must be fully aware of our own history. I thought that statement from the African Union was really interesting --- 'Wait a second, so slaves have to build America, but we can't accept refugees?"

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