Trump Signs Exec Order On Cybersecurity: DNC Was Hacked, RNC Was Not; Strong Defense Contributed To "Winning"


On Tuesday afternoon, the president signed an executive order stating that agency and department heads will be held "totally accountable" for cyber security at their agencies. He also hosted a "listening session" with cyber security industry leaders and experts that was put together by Rudy Giuliani.

"We must defend and protect federal networks and data," he said.

TRUMP: Now, I think a pretty good example of this was, despite having spent hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars more money than we did, the Democratic National Committee was hacked successfully, very successfully. And terribly, frankly. And the Republican NationalCommittee was not hacked. Meaning it was hacked, but they failed.

It was reported, I believe, by Reince and other people that it was hacked. But we had a very strong defense system against hacking. So despite spending a lot less money than the Democrats, and in all fairness winning -- people don't say that -- we spent a lot less money and we won.

That's good, right isn't that a good thing when you can spend less and win. But we were also very successful in our defense against hacking.

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