King: Trump Travel Ban "Worst Foreign Policy Decision" Since Iraq War


On Tuesday's edition of 'New Day' on CNN, Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, told host Alyson Camerota that Donald Trump's executive order pausing immigration from seven middle eastern countries was the "worst foreign policy decision since the U.S. invaded Iraq."

SEN. ANGUS KING: It’ll make America much more dangerous.

I think Alisyn, this is probably the worst foreign policy decision since the invasion of Iraq. What it’s done is played right into ISIS’s hands. I’ve spent probably 50-60 percent of my time around here on foreign policy and on terrorism on intelligence and armed services. They want us to turn this into a war of the west against Islam. They have explicitly said they want to drive a wedge between peaceful, non-violent Muslims and the West, particularly America. We just played right into their hands. Over the weekend, there were all kinds of excited communications from ISIS about what a great thing Donald Trump had done for them.

(Via Breitbart)

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