Trump: The American Dream Is Back


On Monday morning, President Trump spoke to a group of small business owners in the White House.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: The unions were here last week, the workers -- representing workers, whether it's union or not. They said it was the single greatest meeting they've ever had. That was a nice statement. I didn't tell them to say that, but it was a nice statement.


But I understand what they meant. It's unfair to small business. Small business has been treated very, very badly and you people know better than anybody it's almost impossible now to start a small business and it's -- it's virtually impossible to expand your existing business because of regulations and because of the banks don't loan you money. You know, Dodd-Frank is a disaster. We're going to be doing a big number on that (inaudible). So that's one big reason why I'm taking this action and I'll be taking an action later this morning. If you'd like, you can join me at the signing, to begin our effort to dramatically reduce federal regulations and we'll be reducing them big league and their damaging effects on our small businesses, our economy, our entrepreneurial spirit. And it's been very badly damaged, so the American dream is back and we're going to create an environment for small business like we haven't had in many, many decades.

This isn't a knock on President Obama, this is a knock on many presidents preceding me, it's a knock on everybody. It got particularly bad in the last eight years. But it's not a knock on anybody, it's a knock on many.

So I just want to thank you all for being here. And now, let's talk.

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