Spicer: Concerns About Immigration Orders "Largely Overblown"


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says reports of problems with President Donald Trump's executive order banning refugees was "overblown" and that problems were "relatively minor."

SEAN SPICER: I think that this is largely overblown, when you look at the context of how big this was and the number of people it caught up, it's relatively minor as a percentage of the overall total. So when you look at how this worked on a Saturday, 109 had a out of 325,000 were slowed down going in to -- I truly believe that it is being blown out of proportion, the extent to which this actually was -- for what it did.

And I think frankly government functioned very well. We made sure that the people coming in weren't coming in to do us harm, we made sure that the people who said that they went back to a country that was one of those seven did so without any intent to do this country or people harm, and they all got in after the screen. The system actually worked really well, that's the takeaway from this, that the system worked well, the country is safer for it.

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