Schumer on "Monday Night Massacre" By Trump: Sally Yates A "Profile In Courage"


Sen. Chuck Schumer said the firing of acting Attorney General Sally Yates was part of a 'Monday Night Massacre' enacted by President Trump. In an impromptu speech on the Senate floor Monday evening Schumer called Yates, who was fired by Trump, a "profile in courage."

SCHUMER: We've had a number, a large number of eloquent speeches about the president's executive order. And while they were going on, of course, we had a 'Monday Night Massacre.' Sally Yates, a person of great integrity, who follows the law, was fired by the president. She was fired because she would not enact, pursue the executive order on the belief that it was illegal, perhaps unconstitutional. It was a profile in courage. It was a brave act. And a right act. And I hope the president and his people who are in the White House learn something from this.

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