Jonathan Turley: "The Court Will Not View This As A Muslim Ban"


GWU constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to give an opinion on the legality of Donald Trump's hold on people entering the U.S. from several middle eastern countries.

JONATHAN TURLEY: The standard is very, very low -- There is a case from the 1970s in which a Marxist was kept from coming into the country, in my view it was a terrible decision. He was being kept out because [the government] didn't like his views. But the Supreme Court still upheld the decision... It did establish that the courts could review these types of questions, but the standard was very, very low as to whether the president could state a particular of bona fide reason. He has.

So you could disagree with it, but he has done that...

I think the odds are in [Trump's] favor that [the court will uphold his decision]. But, people need to argue against what is there, not what is more easy to attack. The ACLU has said in the filings that this is a Muslim ban.

That would be a great thing to challenge, but it is not this thing. It is not a Muslim ban. A court is not going to read into it that this is a religious test, because it excludes most of these other countries.

There are plenty of reasons to object to this order, but not by making it into something it is not.

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