Gorka: "Facts Optional To Liberal Media;" Largest Arab Nation Egypt, Largest Muslim Nation Indonesia Not Banned


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, newly-installed Deputy Assistant to President Trump, tells Sean Hannity there is "nothing un-American about protecting citizens of the United States." Gorka said mainstream media criticism of Trump's executive order barring immigration from several Middle Eastern nations is a product of their personal ideologies, according to FOX News.

Transcript, via FOX:

HANNITY: You know, and you look at -- you listen to all the Obama intelligence officials all saying ISIS will infiltrate that population -- this is a -- we have so many majority-Muslim countries that are not impacted, but the media insists on calling this a Muslim ban.

Let me put up on the screen -- because the question was asked by Rasmussen -- I'm sorry, by McLaughlan (ph) and Associates from December -- 66 percent of Americans agree in a temporary ban of refugees entering the United States! Do you support or oppose halting Middle Eastern refugees from entering? 66, to 24 percent!

What does that tell us about the media and how corrupt they are and dishonest they are with the American people and the coverage this weekend?

GORKA: It tells you they're just the chattering classes. They're the famous Ben Rhodes echo box. They just talk to each other. It's all about ideology, and it's not about national security.

Let's talk about real fake news, Sean. If this were about a religion or if this were about a Muslim ban, then how come the largest Muslim nation on the planet...

HANNITY: Indonesia!

GORKA: ... Indonesia, exactly, isn't listed? How is it that the largest...


GORKA: ... Arab -- Arab nation, Egypt, is not mentioned? This is where facts -- facts are optional for the liberal media, Sean. They're absolutely optional.

HANNITY: You know, and what do you -- how do you respond to Chuck Schumer, who said it's mean-spirited, un-American that Donald Trump, our president, is emboldening and inspiring people to recruit, et cetera? Is that not the height of irresponsibility? And he supported it, by the way, in 2015, ironically.

GORKA: There's nothing un-American about protecting the lives of the citizens of the United States. It's the same as Brexit. The Trump train and Brexit are the same thing. It is the reapplication of common sense. Brexit happened -- Donald Trump became president because the average voter said, Enough! We want safety! We want national security to be a priority. But the chattering classes do not understand.

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