Sen. Chris Murphy: Trump's "Muslim Ban" Is Going To Get Americans Killed; "Huge Win For Hardliners"


Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy makes the case that President Trump's 'Muslim ban' will get Americans killed.

MURPHY: So I think this is the most important argument for us to be making. Because right now we have ISIS on its heels. And their rationale for existence is based on a belief that they are going to control a territory in the Middle East. That is no longer available to them as an argument.

But secondarily that there is a war between Muslim and Christian peoples, between East and West. And we have now handed them a path to rebirth. This is going to be all over the dark web recruiting both international terrorists and lone wolfs here at home.

And then in Iran specifically, a country that is right now tilting between hardliners and moderates who want to engage with the West, this is a huge win for hardliners. This makes Rouhani's job even more difficult. And if you're really worried about a conflagration between the United States and Iran, this makes it much more likely.

So this ultimately is going to get Americans killed. I believe it. And we can make the moral argument, I think that's important, but the National Security argument probably should lead here.

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