Fmr. Mexican President Vicente Fox: "We Have China To Trade With"


Former Mexico President Vicente Fox, says CEO Trump is hurting Mexico and may force them to negotiate with China.

"We are being harmed. We don't like that. By what? A U.S. CEO sitting on the presidential chair, wants to hurt and oppress Mexico. What's the whole idea? We want our friend United States... But the way this guy moves it just harms everywhere. I don't know what to say," Fox said.

"The only thing that is for sure is Mexico will stand up to the challenge. We don't worry about trading -- we have China to trade with."

"South America is doing a lot of trading with China. China will come and invest. I'm sure Senor Trump would not like to see Chinese telecoms towers on the border. But that is what he i forcing us to do," he said. "The world is much, much larger than the United States."

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