Kellyanne Conway Declares A "New Dawn" For Pro-Life Movement At 'March For Life'


KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO THE PRESIDENT: I am a wife, a mother, a Catholic. Counselor to the president of the United States of America. And yes I am pro-life.

It is such an honor to stand with the vice president of the United States. And with so many leaders, families and students, from places near and far, to defend the unborn. Your courage, your conviction, your resolve and your faith are impressive and consequential. This is a new day, a new dawn for life.

Why are we here? What does it mean to stand together to be part of this incredible movement? To face criticism, ridicule, laws and lawmakers that diminish and erode our basic rights at the bedrock of our society. It means to protect and to promote the most precious gift in the world, the gift of life.

It means to stand up, stand tall and stand together with the indifferent and the indefensible. And to standup, stand tall and stand (inaudible) on behalf of these in the womb.

It is no coincidence that the first (inaudible) stated in the Declaration of Independence is life a right. It is not a privilege, it is not a choice. It is God-given.

It is unique and it is beautiful. This dismissive notion of out of sight, out of mind is over.

Science and medicine have joined religious equality in causing many Americans to rethink just how fragile and how triumphant human life (ph) truly is.

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