British PM Theresa May At GOP Retreat: We Have Obligation To Renew Special Relationship In This New Age


British Prime Minister Theresa May addressed the Republicans at their winter retreat in Philadelphia and called for a "better future" is within reach to "build together." In her speech, May said trade must work for those who feel "left behind" by globalization. President Trump spoke to Congressional Republicans earlier Thursday.

May spoke about the 'special relationship' between the U.S. and the U.K. and expressed her vision of fighting Islamic extremism, working together to defeat the "evil ideology" and focus on the bigotry and hatred in order to prevent the outcome of violence, the increasing influence of Russia under President Vladimir Putin, and more.

May said while the U.K. is exiting the European Union and looking "beyond Europe to a wider world"
she doesn't want to see it collapse and would like to continue to work with member states to ensure that does not happen. May called for the U.S. and U.K. to stand up for allies who find themselves "in tough neighborhoods."

May said she would like to defeat the ideology of Islamic extremism and said she is looking forward to working together with the U.S. to defeat "this evil ideology." May said it is not enough to focus on violent extremism, but to focus on the bigotry and hatred that leads to the violence. However, May declared the days of invading countries to remake them in our image "are over."

May applied the "trust and verify" maxim to Putin and Russia. The British PM said should engage with Putin, but to be beware.

Nigel Farage reacted to her speech: "I can hardly believe Mrs May's words about our place in the world and with America. I've wanted all of these things for years."

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