Paul Ryan: "A Lot Of Different Ways Of Getting Mexico To Contribute" To Paying For The Wall


On Wednesday's broadcast of Greta Van Susteren's new show on MSNBC, "For the Record," House Speaker Paul Ryan said there were many possible ways to get Mexico to help pay for building a wall on the border. Ryan also said a cost estimate of between $8-14 billion was "about right."

PAUL RYAN: Well, first off, we’re going to pay for it, and front the money up, but I do think that there are various ways, of as you know — I know your follow-up question is, ‘Is Mexico going to pay for the wall?’ There’s a lot of different ways of getting Mexico to contribute to doing this, and there are different ways of defining how exactly they pay for it. Point is, he has a promise that he made to the American people, which is to secure our border. A wall is a big part of that. We agree with that goal, and we will be working with him to finance construction of a physical barrier, including the wall, on the southern border.

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