CNN's Chris Cuomo: Now We're Going To Waste Taxpayer Money Investigating Anything That Bruises Trump's Ego


In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, N.Y. Republican congressman Chris Collins defends President Donald Trump's claim that this year's presidential elections could have been hampered by voter fraud.

Cuomo does not accept his statement at first: "Are you worried abou defending something that is somewhat indefensible? So now, my money, your money, is going to go towards investigating something that we don't have a shred of proof. What this opinion is based on has been called out and debunked by the people who did the studies. And now we're going to waste our money taking a look at something because it bruised someone's ego? Is that what this is about?"

Collins argues that in local elections, one or two votes could swing an election, so it is prudent to "make sure that the people going to the polls are citizens elligible to vote."

"And the president has never mentioned anything close to what you just said," Cuomo quipped.

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