Barbara Boxer: We Have To Make The Middle Class Understand That Trump Is Not Their Friend


In a roundtable interview with MSNBC's Chris Jansing that included Hollywood actors and other political leaders, former Sen. Barbara Boxer said "we" have to "make" the middle class understand that Trump is not their friend. The panel included Jamie Lee Curtis, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D), a Black Lives Matter activist, and Tony Goldwyn, star of ABC's Scandal and grandson of MGM studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn.

"I want to jump in with something specific that he did on the very first day that didn't get that much coverage," Boxer said. "There was an order that was signed that made it more expensive now for middle income home buyers to buy homes, and as a result, tens of thousands fewer Americans will do it. We have to make sure that the middle class understands he's not their friend."

"In our case as celebrities or actors, we can -- we're useful in convening people. Like people come show up sometimes just because they want a selfie," Goldwyn said of their importance.

"Honestly that's true in many cases," Goldwyn acknowledged. "I really just talked about what activism means to me and how trying to encourage people to engage in communities at the local level for their families... Because I think as soon as people engage they feel how powerful that is."

"The risk of losing something has awakened people," Curtis said.

Curtis also explained how she become "woke."

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