Cenk Uygur Launches A "New Wing" Of Democratic Party: Justice Democrats


Via 'The Young Turks' --

'The Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur announced a new political movement during Monday’s show to answer a broken and corporate Democratic party. Uygur, Progressive host, Kyle Kulinski, and former Bernie Sanders staffers, Zack Exley and Saikat Chakrabarti, are the co-founders of Justice Democrats - which aims to support and advance policy platforms that have stalled within the Democratic party. The candidates that run under Justice Democrats will not be funded by corporate donors. Instead, it will be sourced and funded by the people.

“The Democrats used to represent something wonderful - voters,” Uygur said in his announcement, listing all the victories made possible by, “Strong Progressives.”

But he says that lately, Democrats haven’t lived up to their party’s ideals, “There was a hostile takeover. Multinational corporations decided, ‘hey you know what we need the Supreme Court on our side,’” Uygur says, providing context on how the Democratic party started to bow down to corporations.

“We want you to represent ‘just us’ not your donors. Just the voters, not your donors.”

“So from now on there will be a new wing of the Democratic party and it will be the Justice Democrats. We will seek social justice, economic justice, racial justice and plain old justice, justice,” Uygur announces.

He adds that people can nominate others through their site.

“None of our candidates are allowed to take corporate money or big donor money...we will be going down the road of representing the people, being sourced by the people, and getting our funding from the people.”

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