Priebus: "We're Going To Fight Back Tooth And Nail Every Day, And Twice On Sunday"


New White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus joins Chris Wallace to discuss Donald Trump's comments about the media coverage of the inauguration. Priebus is also grilled about White House press secretary Sean Spicer lambasting the media on Saturday.

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: OK, you talk about honesty and say that this was about honesty. Well, there's another issue here, though, Reince, and that is the president's honesty, because two things that he said yesterday were just flat wrong, and I want to talk about them.

First, crowd size. I’m going to put up, take a look at these pictures. We’ve got monitors here.

REINCE PRIEBUS, TRUMP CHIEF OF STAFF: But there’s another picture.

WALLACE: Wait, let’s take -- take a look at those pictures. On the left, you've got the Obama inaugural crowd. On the right, you've got the Trump inaugural crowd. Which one is bigger?

PRIEBUS: Listen, you are also not saying that that picture was taken before he was even speaking. I mean, you can --


WALLACE: I was there. I was there in the Mall.

PRIEBUS: I was there, too, Chris.

WALLACE: Let me say, first of all, I think this is a ridiculous conversation.


WALLACE: But there were huge areas -- he said that there were crowds all the way to the Washington Monument.

PRIEBUS: There was. Yes, there was. I was sitting there --


WALLACE: Look, I mean, put up the picture again.


PRIEBUS: You can keep putting the picture, but I can take a picture -- an aerial picture right now and I can say look at the difference. If you’re not comparing apples to apples, it doesn't matter.

WALLACE: I’m telling you, that there were huge --

PRIEBUS: You can keep telling me what you want to tell me.

WALLACE: All right. Let me --

PRIEBUS: The point is, is that instead of talking about the substance of what President Trump actually said --

WALLACE: You’re the ones who did. He could have given --


PRIEBUS: No, we then do it.

WALLACE: Wait a minute, he could have given a news conference yesterday, talked about the agenda, talked about the signing, the executive actions he's going to sign, his legislative agenda. He talks about crowd size. Let me ask you about one --

PRIEBUS: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Let's back up. We didn't tweet out that MLK Jr.'s bust was removed from the Oval Office. We didn’t --


WALLACE: Wait a minute, the reporter made a mistake, he apologized. And Spicer sent him a tweet back saying "apology accepted".

PRIEBUS: Right, so these are the mistakes that are made. A reporter shoots first, aims later. I think the magnitude --

WALLACE: Are you saying there's a conspiracy here?

PRIEBUS: I’m saying there's an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president, and we are not going to sit around and let it happen. We’re going to fight back tooth and nail every day, and twice on Sunday.

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