Luntz: I Was Called A Fascist, Glitter Thrown In My Face; "I Never Thought This Would Happen In This Country"


Frank Luntz praised Donald Trump's inauguration speech in an appearance on Sunday's broadcast of FOX & Friends. Luntz said the part about transferring power back to the people was "speech perfection" and that he would have been proud to come up with that line himself.

"That's powerful -- whether our government is controlled by the people. Donald Trump says that he wrote that speech. That's the best line. It's a line that I would have been proud to have created. It demonstrates that there really is a change in focus," Luntz said.

Luntz also talked about the harassment he received from anti-Trump protestors Saturday afternoon and how they subjected children to harsh and crude language. Luntz got choked up when recounting how a woman threw glitter in his face and called him a fascist followed by expletives. He revealed on Twitter he was called a 'mother f***er.'

FRANK LUNTZ: I hit got directly by it. And I debated whether or not to talk about it because I don't want to encourage it. I do about a hundred paid speeches a year and I don't want this to ever happen to anyone, particularly me. But a woman walked up to me in the Marriott Marquis and she shouted, 'you fascist,' and then two other words that would get me fired from your network. And she threw this red confetti glitter right in my eyes and she picked up another handful and she no further than 6 inches away and I was covered with this stuff.

Since when do you have the right or just the ability to attack people in a private setting, in a private matter. I mean, you're going to end up hurting someone?

I'm going to tell you something -- these protests are out of control. The language is out of control. There are 8- 9- 10-year-olds watching this. They read these horrible words from these signs and to have to face this personally -- you can see that I get choked up. I never thought this would be America. I never thought this would happen in this country.

ABBY HUNTSMAN, FOX & FRIENDS: Frank, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. And that along with Madonna saying she has thought many times about blowing up the White House. What do you think they were trying to accomplish yesterday?

LUNTZ: I think they want to prove that they can be as loud and as obnoxious and in your face as possible. I think they want to try to intimidate the Trump administration. But the thing that bothers me the most is there is no unity. We're not going to cure these divisions. They are just going to go on, not just for months but probably for years. I really think we are not seeing the end but the beginning of this violent action in this country.

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