Kellyanne Conway to Chuck Todd: You're Job Is To Be A News Person, Not An Opinion Columnist


CHUCK TODD, MEET THE PRESS: I want to go back to a question that you continue to deflect. Why was it necessary to send out the press secretary on his first day in office to utter a provable falsehood that now calls into question everything the press secretary say-- will say from--


CHUCK TODD: -- here on out? It will --

KELLYANNE CONWAY: No it doesn't.

CHUCK TODD: -- for many Americans.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: No it doesn't. You want them to hear that. You want them to hear that I'm not answering your questions, which I'm doing. You want them to hear that they can't trust our press secretary. I think that it is a very dangerous statement to make.

CHUCK TODD: What was the motive then? What was the motive to have this ridiculous litigation of crowd size?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: And now you're casting it--

CHUCK TODD: What was the motive?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: -- and your job is not to give your --

CHUCK TODD: What was the motive?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: -- opinion, Chuck. Respectfully, your job is not to call things ridiculous that are said by our press secretary and our president. That's not your job. You're supposed to be a news person. You're not an opinion columnist.

CHUCK TODD: Can you please answer the question? Why did he do this? You have not answered it.


CHUCK TODD: It's only one question.

KELLYANNE CONWAY: -- it this way. I'll answer it this way. Think about what you just said to your viewers. That's why we feel compelled to go out and clear the air and put alternative facts out there.

CHUCK TODD: So it's a political tactic? It's a political tactic to come up with alternative facts and try to set up the press as your enemy?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: No I didn't say that at all. And that's not why I'm here in this building. I'm here because of all the provable, quantifiable facts, because of the devastation and destruction in our schools with our health care, in our economy, with our small business owners.

And yes, certainly-- with-- with terrorism, infrastructure. This guy is going to do so much in the first week. He's going to talk to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today about the Middle East, about Iran. He's going to end the week receiving Prime Minister Theresa May from the U.K. here. His first foreign leader to be received here.

They're going to help renegotiate U.S./U.K. trade. But you want to talk about things the media doesn't want to cover. You totally missed Brexit and Theresa May. You totally missed Trump's campaign. You want to talk about provable facts? You've missed it all along. America doesn’t really-- I mean, look, you got 14% approval rating in the media that you've earned. You want to push back on us.

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