Cokie Roberts Laments: We're Talking About Trump Again Instead Of Women's March


ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts laments that the roundtable is back to talking about Donald Trump's personality

COKIE ROBERTS, ABC NEWS POLITICAL ANALYST: But see, that's what I think we've done is right. We shouldn't take the bait. And what -- here we are, having a whole conversation and leads in the papers and all of that about what Trump said...

STEPHANOPOULOS: I couldn't disagree more.

ROBERTS: Well, no, no, no, no.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He doesn't tell the truth...

ROBERTS: But -- but...

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- what are we supposed to do?

ROBERTS: I know. But -- but -- it -- what he's managed to do was to minimize the incredible demonstrations yesterday all over the world of women turning out by more than a million and instead of that being what everybody is talking about today, it's Donald Trump again...


CASTELLANOS: -- she's right, but that's the way to deal with this is what's the larger truth here?


CASTELLANOS: But we miss that.

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