ABC's Jonathan Karl: Press Secretary Sean Spicer Has So Far Told Three Lies, Answered Zero Questions


Minutes after Trump spokesman Kellyanne Conway complained to ABC's George Stephanopoulose about, "a bunch of people from the press writing these snarky articles that were also false," ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl comments on new White House press secretary Sean Spicer's record so far.

JONATHAN KARL: His first appearance in the briefing room, Sean Spicer uttered at least three thing that were demonstrably false. And then -- the biggest problem-- he left without taking a single question. I have never seen a White House press secretary do that. That said, I think we need to be careful as journalists not to take the bait and get into an endless discussion about issue that are trivial. How many people were there, the crowd size, not important. He had a huge crowd.

But telling the truth is absolutely important. Especially from that podium. Sean [Spicer] is not longer the RNC spokesman, he is on longer the campaign spokesman. He's speaking on behalf of the White House -- the executive branch of the United States. Credibility matters.

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