Michael Moore: There Is "Buyer's Remorse" For Trump


"We won't be able to stop a lot of what the Trump administration will do," filmmaker Michael Moore tells MSNBC's Chris Hayes, but, "in the end, we should be able to form the majority that we are" and fight back.

MOORE: His approval rating today is 38%. What happened to at least 8% of his support? You know, I think there is a lot of buyer's remorse. I know that for a fact actually because I live in Michigan. I know people that twice voted for Obama and voted for Trump. So, they don't like Trump, they didn't vote for him liking Trump, they're just so angry that they've been ignored. If you're living in Flint, Michigan, you're still drinking poisoned water you're still very angry, as you should be, and you really hate them all. And so Trump because the way everybody was like, 'Oh my God, this will be the end of the world if Trump's president.' They're like, 'Oh, end of the world? Yeah? Well come see what we're living here in Flint, Michigan. You want to see end of the world? I'm voting for Trump.'

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