John King: Trump's Speech Was A "Scathing Indictment Of This Town At Large"


CNN's John King responds to President Trump's inaugural address, calling it a "scathing indictment" of the political establishment.

JOHN KING, CNN: If you are a Trump voter, you heard from your new president what you wanted to hear, consistent with the campaign.

Every decision, he said, would be America first. Whether is is a taxes decision, infrastructure decision, a border decision, a national security decision. He said everything would be through the prism of America first.

It was a dark view. Even a pessimistic view of where we are at the moment. Statistics would tell you illegal border crossings are down. Didn't sound like that from the speech. Statistics would tell you we have 4.7% unemployment. He talked about how terrible things were and how horrible it was in the country. He spoke of gangs and drugs and "American carnage" at a time, again, the outgoing president would tell you not that there aren't problems in America ,but crime is largely under control in America.

This is a trademark Trump. This is how he campaigned. It's his brand of populism.

What a scathing indictment of this town at large. Not just the Democrats, of this Washington establishment, he said, has enriched itself and benefited from politics, but not the American people.

He's off to a start that's very anti-establishment.

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