Chuck Todd: Trump Insulted Every Living President; Brokaw: He Insulted All Politicians Point Blank


Chuck Todd and Tom Brokaw react to President Donald Trump's inauguration speech.

CHUCK TODD: I have to say, it was surprisingly divisive for an inaugural address and I say it this way. We said it was a challenge when you're elected as an outsider, you're elected as a populist and you're channeling what was real anger out there with his supporters. It's tough to be both a unifier and a populist carrier. He went with populism and I think that it is going to play well with his folks but that wasn't the type of inaugural address that was intended to bring this country together...

America first. There was a point there, Lester, where it felt as if he almost was insulting every living president that was sitting next to him in very personal ways.

TOM BROKAW: He was also insulting all of the Republican Congressmen and Senators who were on stage. He has a majority but he went after politicians point blank.

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