Elizabeth Warren Grills Betsy DeVos: "You Have No Experience"


Sen. Elizabeth Warren questions Donald Trump's nominee to be Secretary of Education at her confirmation hearing Wednesday.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN: Mrs. DeVos, many of my Democratic colleagues have pointed out your lack of experience in K-12 public schools, but I would like to ask you about your qualifications for leading the nation on higher education.

The Dept. of Education is in charge of making sure that the $150 billion that we invest in students each year gets into the right hands, and that students have the support they need to be able to pay back their student loans.

The Dept. of Education is responsible for managing a trillion dollar student loan bank, and distributing $30 billion in Pell Grants to students every year. The financial futures of an entire generation of young people depend on your department getting that right.

Mrs. DeVos, do you have any experience in running a bank?

BETSY DEVOS: Senator, I do not.

WARREN: Have you ever managed or overseen a trillion dollar loan program.

DEVOS: I have not.

WARREN: How about a billion dollar loan program?

DEVOS: I have not.

WARREN: Okay. So no experience managing a program like this. How about participating in one?

I think it is important for the person who is in charge of our financial aid programs to understand what it is like for students and their families who are struggling to pay for college. Mrs. DeVos, have you ever taken out a student loan from the federal government to help pay for college?

DEVOS: I have not.

WARREN: Have any of your children had to borrow money in order to go to college?

DEVOS: They have been fortunate not to.

WARREN: Have you had any personal experience with a Pell Grant?

DEVOS: Not personal experience, but certainly friends and students with whom I have worked.

WARREN: So you have no personal experience with college financial aid or management of higher education.

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