DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene vs. Tucker Carlson: "Why Do You Always Bring It Back To Race?"


Jehmu Greene, a Fox News analyst who is in the running to become the next DNC chair, battled Tucker Carlson on his show Monday evening. Greene scolded Donald Trump's attacks on John Lewis and said "we may never know" the full extent of Russian efforts to affect the 2016 election.

Carlson asked Greene about a comment she made referring to the presidential vote as the "alleged election."

"Did you mean we should pretend [the election] didn't happen? As someone who wants to lead the Democratic Party, what's your position on that?" he asked.

"Something happened in this election with Russia," she responded.

"The Navy deemed [John Lewis] so respected as an American that they named a ship after him. To see what Donald Trump is doing on Martin Luther King Day, nobody is standing for it. Not Democrats, not Republicans, not anybody who cares about the future of this country," Greene also said.

She said: "I’m not going to cheerlead someone who is refusing to even celebrate Martin Luther King Day."

"It’s not a gotcha game," Carlson said. "Why do you always bring this back to race?"

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