Scarborough Rips Trump: This Needs To Stop, You Need Message Discipline; "There Is A Breaking Point"


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough lashed out at Donald Trump for calling out Rep. John Lewis, CIA Director John Brennan and the Republican party over the weekend. On Monday morning's show, Scarborough warned "this does not continue; there is a breaking point." He said this is not like running for president and that Trump needs "message discipline."

From Monday's broadcast of Morning Joe:

SCARBOROUGH: It's exhausting. Speaking of my rules, I also have another rule. We can fight one battle at a time. Don't come at me and tell me that you want to take on this. I tell myself, one battle at a time. Alright? And we clear the decks of that. This weekend alone, I'm sorry. I'm just going to say, I'm just going to say. This does not -- this does not last long. This does not continue. There is a breaking point. It is. He's not even sworn in yet. His numbers will collapse into the 20s if this continues.

Just like Mika and I predicted, we have said it, as you know, just like we predicted he could win the Republican nomination, I'm telling you this will not last. This weekend alone, Harold, he is in fights right now. We have the preeminent civil rights leader in America with the entire intelligence community, perhaps the most important community to have on your side as president, and the most dangerous to cross politically. The single most important military alliance of our time, according to his own Secretary of Defense, NATO, and the single most important leader in all of Europe, Angela Merkel. That's just on this holiday weekend. This will not last. This will not continue. Somebody around him better tell him to focus.

Also, I'm sorry. And he told the Republicans he was going to run them over if they didn't follow whatever he did. This will not continue indefinitely...

If anybody thinks around Donald Trump that he can succeed as president of the United States with no message discipline -- he has no message discipline -- the same way he succeeded when he was running against people like Ben Carson, then they're kidding themselves. They're just kidding themselves... There is no message discipline and there has to be because it matters.

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