'Deploraball' Organizer Plans To File Charges Against 'Disrupt J-20' Protesters: "Conspiracy To Commit Domestic Terrorism"


Mike Cernovich, author, pro-Trump Twitterer, and organizer of the 'Deploraball,' told followers on a Monday evening Periscope broadcast that he plans to file civil charges against anti-Trump protesters caught on camera planning to attack the event with stink bombs.

The 'Deploraball' is going to be a gathering of Trump supporters on Thursday night in Washington D.C. to celebrate the presidential inauguration. It is one of several inaugural balls planned in the city this week. Members of the 'Disrupt J-20' and 'D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition' groups were recorded by undercover journalists from James O'Keefe's 'Project Veritas' planning to release stink bombs and activate fire alarms at the party.

"They made a real big mistake," Cernovich said about the 'Disrupt J-20' organizers. "When you're threatened with terrorism, and you have people saying they're going to commit terrorism at a party you're hosting, you have to take that quite seriously."

"They seem to think it is just a prank, and I would refer them to the Dept. of Justice's website -- This is actually a felony," he continued. "This isn't funny at all. It is terrorism... We have filed a criminal complaint against the conspirators, and the FBI is investigating that right now. Tomorrow we will be filing a civil action against them also. Against the domestic terrorists who purchased tickets... This is a criminal conspiracy to commit terrorism, and we are treating it like the serious criminal conspiracy that it is."

"They are on video saying they are going to commit terrorism at the Deploraball," he continued. "They purchased a ticket. Three of them did. That is an overt act taken in furtherance of the conspiracy... We're in touch with the FBI, local police, and we are filing also a civil action."

He also noted: "The Deploraball, if you want a refund because you are concerned with your safety, we understand that. And we have 100% refund policy."

"Security is going to be tight," he assured guests. "Names are going to be matched to tickets."

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