Woodward: Trump Right To Be Upset About "Garbage Document," Deserves Apology


Bob Woodward reacts to the unsubstantiated dossier on Donald Trump published by BuzzFeed last week on this week's broadcast of FOX News Sunday:

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY:Well, Bob, what do you think – and this is something we discussed with both of our guests – of the way that the intelligence community handled the so-called Russian dossier? And, overall, how do you think of the way they’ve handle Donald Trump?

BOB WOODWARD, THE WASHINGTON POST: I think what’s underreported here is Trump's point of view on it. And you laid it out when those former CIA people said these things about Trump, that he was a recruited, you know, agent of the Russians.

WALLACE: Useful fool.

WOODWARD: Yes, and a useful fool. I mean they started this. And in Trump's mind, he knows the old adage, once a CIA man, always a CIA man. And no one came out and said those people shouldn't be saying things. So then act two is the briefing when this dossier is put out. I – I've lived in this world for 45 years where you get things and people make allegations. That is a garbage document. It never should have been presented in – as part of an intelligence briefing. As you suggested, other channels have the White House Counsel give it to Trump's incoming White House counsel.

So Trump's right to be upset about that. And I think if you look at the real chronology and the nature of the battle here, those intelligence chiefs who were the best we’ve had, who were terrific and have done great work made a mistake here. And when people make mistakes, they should apologize.

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