Priebus: "President Obama Should Step Up," Lewis Putting The U.S. Down Across The World


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, THIS WEEK: Well, the president-elect has stood up quite a firestorm with his latest Tweet.

Was this a right fight for him to pick?

REINCE PRIEBUS, INCOMING WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, look, I mean here's the issue. We -- and I we look up to look up to John Lewis and his historic contribution to civil rights and voting rights (INAUDIBLE)...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the president-elect said he was all talk, no action.

PRIEBUS: But -- let me answer.

But here is the problem. We need folks like John Lewis, and others, who I think have been champions of voter rights actually recognize the fact that Donald Trump was duly elected. He's going to put his hand on the bible in five days.

And I think it's incredibly disappointing and I think it's irresponsible for people like himself to question the legitimacy of the next United States president.

I think putting the United States down across the world is not something that a responsible person does.

And so look, I think, in fact, I think President Obama should step up. We've had a great relationship with the White House, George. We just had every cabinet person designee of ours meet with the cabinet members of the Obama administration on Friday. I've met numerous times with Denis McDonough. He's been nothing but helpful.

So I think the administration can do a lot of good by telling folks that are on the Republican side of the aisle, look, we may have lost the election on the Democratic side, but it's time to come together...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But isn't it harder to do that after the...


STEPHANOPOULOS: -- from the president-elect?

PRIEBUS: Well, wait a second. But, George, hang on. John Lewis stood up in an interview and said that Donald Trump was not a legitimate president.

That's insanity. And it's wrong.


PRIEBUS: But look, George, that's not the point. The point is not where Barack Obama was born. The point is is that we've got congressman on the Democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy of President-elect Trump, who won in an electoral landslide.

That's the issue. That's where the outrage should be, not old news, but the fact that we are preparing for the transfer of power and we have been working with President Obama hand in glove.

And I think that they, including the president, should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election.

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