Andrea Mitchell: "I Was In Tears" Watching Joe Biden Receive Medal Of Freedom


NBC's Andrea Mitchell said when she watched Vice President Joe Biden receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama on Thursday she was "in tears."

Matt Lauer: "I Just Burst Out Crying" When I Watched Biden Receive Medal Of Freedom

From Friday's broadcast of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports:

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: Biden tells me he has no regrets about that decision not to run for president again, and that he has plans for an active life after the White House, the cancer moonshot, teaching, establishing a foreign policy institute and who knows what else for a man who seems forever young. And speaking of forever young here with me is Chris Cilizza, MSNBC contributor...

You know, every time I watch this I'm just watching that ceremony I was in tears. We are seeing so much dissension and disruption in Washington and around the country and to see this relationship, this partnership pretty seamless on policy, if they had disputes, they were over their, you know, little lunches and breakfasts that we didn't see.

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