Reince Priebus: BuzzFeed Report On Trump "Phony Baloney Garbage"


Reince Priebus talks to Joe Scarborough and the Wednesday Morning Joe panel about documents that reportedly contributed to the U.S. intelligence community's report on Russian influence on the U.S. presidential election. The documents remain unverified and some internet trolls are even taking credit for tricking the government.

Transcript, via MSNBC:

SCARBOROUGH: So what is the President-elect's response to the BuzzFeed and CNN reports? And will he talk about them at 11:00 today in his press conference?

PRIEBUS: Well, I mean, the BuzzFeed memo is total complete garbage is what it is. And I, look BuzzFeed themselves said it was garbage. The "New York Times" wouldn't even print the document because it was unverifiable.

This is what this is. There are tens of thousands of retired agents all over the world. You've got some agent somewhere maybe in the UK that hangs a shingle and says pay me a rate; I'm going to do opposition research. He does a memo or she does a memo. This thing circulates for months. It's unsubstantiated and viola it shows up!

I talked to Michael Cohen. One of the basis' of this entire report is that a guy named Michael Cohen who works for the Trump organization went to Prague and had a meeting with Russian agents. He'd never been to Prague in his life. I don't know what it says about the report. In fact the coach of USC Baseball in Southern California said, wait a second. He wasn't in Prague he was with me in Southern California with his son. The guy's--

SCARBOROUGH: Well, I mean--

PRIEBUS: --Never been to Prague.

SCARBOROUGH: There are parts of Southern California that look Prague-like.


PRIEBUS: This is series we're really hot about this. I said OK Michael give me your passport, I want to see it. So he gave me the passport, I questioned him. He'd never been to Prague. Have you been to Eastern Europe? Have you ever talked to anyone that you thought was a Russian? Have you ever had a conversation, nothing. It never happened. And here we are.


PRIEBUS: Here we are with a -- it's not a US intelligence document. I was in the room OK? On Friday. The first I heard of all of this salacious garbage was when someone printed out this document last night. So it's not like we're sitting around talking about hotel rooms and meetings in Prague for four days now.


GEIST: Reince, I know you have to run. So it sounds like based on what you said, not just the BuzzFeed report but the CNN report is also wrong? Is that what you're saying? That there was no 2-page summary presented to the President-elect?

PRIEBUS: I can't, listen,I can't get into that. All I can tell you is the BuzzFeed memo; the salacious details in that memo, all of those things are total phony baloney garbage. It never happened. It isn't true. And what created the BuzzFeed article and I think most of what CNN's been talking about, I'm not watching it 24/7, is based on this document--


PRIEBUS: From this opposition research guy that is based on nothing, that's not true.

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