Mike Allen: Axios Is For What You Would Talk About With Your "Smart Friend"


Mike Allen, formerly of Politico, talks about his new journalistic venture 'Axios' and why you should sign up for his morning newsletter. Allen explains on Monday's broadcast of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Joining us now the co-founder of Axios, Mike Allen, after 3,304 straight editions of the Politico Playbook, he is back this morning with the all new Axios AM newsletter. The first offering from the new company that he co-founded with Jim VandeHei. Now why would he go into business with VandeHei again after all you've been through? I don't get that. You're a good man. NBC News a media partner for the new venture and we love Jim as well. Axios, how does it differ from what you've been doing?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Talk to me about the newsletter. I want the newsletter. I want to wake up every morning and have the facts shoved in my face.

BRZEZINSKI: He wants everything! But why do I want it, Mike?

MIKE ALLEN: So, Axios AM. It's Mike's top ten. So, it's ten items, numbered and it's economical, and we cover tech, we cover business and we cover politics and we cover media. The big idea of Axios is that media is broken. So much of what is done in media is not friendly to the person who is reading it. It's more made for the journalists. So, for this we have a modern look and a modern format and 5:30 in the morning you can get your fix.

SCARBOROUGH: How do you set up for it?

JOHN HEILEMANN, BLOOMBERG: Top ten meaning what? Ten most important? What is the criteria for inclusion in the ten?

ALLEN: It's the ten things we would talk about if we sat down at breakfast. The idea is you're having breakfast with your smart friend. What are you going to talk about? You're going to talk about your scoops, talk about what is going to happen today, what you did last night.

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