Tucker Carlson vs. Cal State Professor: How Do You Know 98% Of Scientists Agree On Climate Change?


California State University, Sacramento history professor Joseph Palermo argued in a Huffington Post op-ed that President-elect Trump shouldn't be allowed on Twitter because of his climate change views. He outlines his argument to FNC's Tucker Carlson in this unique debate...

"You’re practicing a species of religion where anybody who doesn’t believe what you believe is a heretic and should be penalized," Carlson told Palermo, after being told that 98% of the world's scientists had reached a consensus on the issue.

"How do you know that 98 percent of the world’s scientists believe what you believe?" Carlson asked.

"Are you a climate change denier or skeptic," Palermo countered. "Is that where you’re at?"

"The essence of science and of journalism is skepticism because it seeks to get to the truth, and I’m merely asking you who just said as a statement of fact that 98 percent of the world’s scientists agree with you — with whatever you believe. I’m wondering how you know that," Carlson responded.

"Well, with your giant research team you can send people out and find out about it,” Palermo fired back. "I was accused of advocating censorship of the president of the United States by a bunch of right-wing websites. Now you tell me, can a professor in California censor the president of the United States?"

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