Sen. Reed: Do Russians Have Plausible Deniability? Clapper: "I'd Rather Not Get Into That"


SEN. JACK REED (D-RI): Do the Russians particularly are very astute at covering up their tracks. It appears that they weren't quite as a diligent or -- let me ask a question. Do you believe that they made little attempts to cover up as a way to make a point politically?

DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE JAMES CLAPPER: Again, without preempting the report, that's classical trade craft that the Russians have long, long used to particularly -- propagating so called disinformation is they will often try to hide the source of that or mask it to -- to deliberately mask the source.

REED: I -- let me just ask one more time. In this situation though, was there attempts to mask their involvement very elaborate and very, very sophisticated, or was just enough to have plausible deniability?

CLAPPER: Sir, I'd rather not get into that. That kind of edges into the sources and methods I run and I'd rather not speak to that publicly.

REED: Fair enough. This -- these activities are ongoing now in Europe as Europe prepares for elections. Is that a fair assumption?


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