Kaine: Trump's Comments About Russia Are "Very Unusual," "Suspicious"


On CNN Thursday morning, Sen. Tim Kaine cast doubts on Donald Trump's motives with regard to his position on Russian hackers allegedly influencing the election.

"Those intelligence professionals that I respect have reached a unanimous conclusion that Russia engaged in cyber attacks in the presidential election with the goal of influencing it … in favor of the election of Donald Trump,” Kaine told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

"There’s something very unusual, indeed even sort of suspicious, about the degree which he casually kicks aside the intelligence community when he won’t even go to the briefings. And again, and again takes the Assange, Vladimir Putin line on this important question," Kaine also said. "Any president of the United States should want to protect American electoral systems from invasion or attack by a foreign government, and President-elect Trump should want to do that too.”

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