Van Jones: "The Clinton Days Are Over," DNC Must Reach Out To Their Real Base


On CNN's 'State of the Union,' political commentator Van Jones weighs in on the future of the Democratic Party and how they can reach out to Trump voters.

VAN JONES: When Hillary Clinton had a chance to make a VP pick, she didn't pick someone from the progressive wing, which made it much harder to heal those wounds with the Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren wing.

Keith Ellison represents that wing very, very well.

You also, I think, have to remember that Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are going to be there on the Senate floor every day. That's going to be an important part. You have to understand, I think, that the -- the Clinton days are over. This idea that were going to be this moderate party that's going to move in this direction, that's going to throw blacks under the bus for criminal justice reform and -- or for -- for prison expansion, that's going to throw workers under the bus for NAFTA, those days are over. You can't run and hide. You've got to be an authentic person from the beginning. You're going to be judged based on your authentic commitment to the actual base of this party. And if you don't do that, you can't win.

More context for Jones's comments:

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