Netanyahu Full Speech: Kerry's Speech "Reflects A Radical Shift In U.S. Policy Towards The Palestinians"


In a speech Wednesday afternoon, Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Secretary of State John Kerry's mideast policy speech earlier that day a "great disappointment" and said that the speech, and U.S. actions last week at the United Nations reflected "a radical shift in U.S policy."

"For a full hour, the secretary of state attacked the only democracy in the Middle East," Netnayahu said.

"Secretary Kerry said the United States can not vote against its own policies," Netanyahu continued. "But that is exactly what it did at the UN. And that is why Israeli opposed last week's Security Council resolution. Because it effectively called the Western Wall 'occupied Palestinian territory.' Because it encourages boycotts and sanctions against Israel. That is what it essentially does. And because it reflects a radical shift in U.S. policy towards the Palestinians. On final status issues --those conditions on which we always agreed, the U.S. and Israel-- have to be negotiated directly, face to face, without preconditions."

"That shift happened, despite the Palestinians walking away from peace and from peace offers time and time again. Despite their unwillingness to even negotiate peace over the past eight years. And despite the Palestinian Authority inculcating a culture of hatred towards Israel in an entire generation of young Palestinians."

In a statement before his speech, he said Kerry's speech "was skewed against Israel" and that Kerry "obsessively dealt with settlements" and barely touched on "the root of the conflict — Palestinian opposition to a Jewish state in any boundaries."

"Israel looks forward to working with President-elect Trump, and with the American Congress... to mitigate the damage that this resolution has done, and ultimately to repeal it. Israel hopes the outgoing Obama administration will prevent any more damge being done to Israel at the UN in its waning days."

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