Krauthammer: "Semi-Delusional" Obama Said He Would Win If He Were On Ballot, But His Legacy Was


Charles Krauthammer said President Obama's claim that he could have won if he ran for a third term is not true because he constantly told voters that he may not be on the ballot but his agenda and legacy are. From Wednesday's broadcast of Special Report:

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: When Obama says nothing happened here, we lost one election, we're not finished. I think he's being semi-delusional. I mean the damage his party has suffered in his eight years in office are incalculable. They lost about a thousand seats in state legislatures. They have been decimated in the states, in the governorships. They've lost the House, they've lost the Senate and now the presidency.

The reason that when people talk about who is going to run in 2020, they're all octogenarians or nearly is because the bench has been wiped out. There has been a prairie fire.

So Obama -- look, it's not hard to explain. Obama is personally popular, remains so, his numbers are high so when he is on ballot he wins. But he just overreached as a liberal. With Obamacare, with cap and trade, with all of the regulations, and he had a very slow recovery. He thinks that he succeeded, the country doesn't.

Obama himself said in 2010 and 2014 and then in '16 "I'm not on the ballot but my policy, my legacy is." That's exactly what happened and his legacy was rejected. And I don't think he understands that. He refuses to accept it, he's preaching otherwise. And he will be the most politically active ex-president that we have had in a long time starting by the fact that he is staying in Washington and saying within a year or so he is going to start expressing himself. I think he is not going to wait a year or so.

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