Kerry: "I'm Going To Be Going To The Last Day"


John Kerry is interviewed by NBC's Andrea Mitchell after delivering remarks on Israel at the State Department Wednesday:

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: Donald Trump has made his views very clear on this. He keeps saying, shameful, January 20th things are going to change. He’s also weighed in on Twitter on China, on not returning the China – China not returning the drone, on Taiwan, as you know, on nuclear weapons. How difficult is it to be the Secretary of State in charge of foreign policy reporting, of course, to the President, when the president-elect is weighing in on so many different issues?

SECRETARY KERRY: Look, we’re three weeks away from the transition. At this point, we’re obviously winding down, so to speak, though I’m going to be going to the last day or so. But I think there are limits to what the Administration can undertake at this point in time. We understand that. But I’m not going to get into a debate with the president-elect on Twitter or whatever. It’s just not – I’m not going to do that. There’s plenty of time afterwards when they are governing --

MITCHELL: Is it confusing – is it confusing allies and adversaries?

SECRETARY KERRY: I think it’s having some impact, obviously, on allies who are questioning they know what’s going on. But they have their own policies. They’re not going to be swayed and intimidated by a tweet. They’re going to pursue their interests and their own values, and that’s what diplomacy is all about.

So I think that it’s going to be very difficult to be talking about the expansion of a nuclear program and not wind up with some difficulties with Russia and their perception of what that’s going to mean for them or what it means in terms of proliferation in other regions. I think leaders are going to sit back and wait to see exactly what is produced, not as a matter of politics pre-being sworn in but as a matter of policies once you are governing. And I am not going to debate with either hypotheticals or current-day politics. I’m going to stay out of that.

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