PLO Leader Hanan Ashrawi: Israel Is The Most Racist, Violent Government In World History


Palestinian Liberation Organization executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi speaks to CNN's Don Lemon about Israeli construction of housing settlements in the West Bank.

DON LEMON, CNN: What should the Palestinian side be doing to make peace?

HANAN ASHRAWI, PLO: I think we are trying our best to make peace in every possible way. We have signed agreements that we have abided by. The problem is that you can not enslave a whole nation, and treat it like a sub-human species, with the most racist, hard-line extremist violent government in history, and then ask them to lie down and die quietly.

Whenever a single Palestinian lashes out, the reaction is his house being demolished, his family being killed or imprisoned, and automaticaly Palestinians are blamed and are called terrorists. But when Israeli settlers and the Israeli government continue to wreak havoc, and excersize systematic state terrorism against us, what can we do?

LEMON: Is it time to recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

ASHRAWI: We have recognized Israel, in 1993, in the context of the signing of an agreement--

LEMON: Not as a Jewish state.

ASHRAWI: --on the White House lawn. The declaration. Well, it depends. If you want to give religion to states, that is against our principles. I don't recognize Islamic states, Christian states, Jewish states. A state is a state for all its citizens. It has to be democratic, inclusive, tolerant, and has to be genuinely representative of all its people.

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