Dem Rep. Engel: Anti-Israel U.N. Resolution A "Parting Shot" By Obama, Israel "Can't Get A Fair Shake"


Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel (NY) appeared on MSNBC Tuesday morning to opine on the United Nations' admonishment of the State of Israel. He said Israel relies upon the United States to block these type of resolutions and called it a mistake that we didn't do it this time, regardless if you are for or against new settlements.

He thought it was ridiculous for the U.N. to censure Israel, with the acquiescence of the U.S., while people are dying in Syria and genocide is being committed in South Sudan.

Engel called the resolution a "parting shot out the door" by President Obama. He questioned the U.N.'s authority to pass judgment when some countries on the Security Council have have terrible human rights records. Engel said "so many undemocratic nations" resent Israel because it is the "bastion of democracy" in the Middle East.

"It's a parting shot out the door, you know, President Obama, whom I voted for twice, decided he was going to do this," the New York Representative said. "And I think he would have been a lot better off vetoing the resolution and say to the U.N., let's get serious here let's try to not put blame on one party, particularly, the party that's a democracy."

"You've got so many undemocratic nations who resent the fact that Israel is this bastion of democracy in the Middle East," he said.

Engel denounced the U.N. for always singling out Israel, calling it an organization "made of nations of tyrants." The Congressman rhetorically asked why Israel should care what the U.N. thinks when it can't get a "fair shake" with the world body.

"I think what the United States does when it vetoes resolutions is it is trying to even the playing field," Engel said.

"Between Palestinians and Israelis?" MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin asked.

"Yeah, because Israel cannot get a fair shake in the United Nations," Engel responded. "They have all of these countries against them. The Arab countries, all these undemocratic countries that have the gall to point the finger at Israel."

"You know, people who criticize Israel and use all kinds of terms, they should go to Israel," the Congressman said. "There is a vibrant state, a stable democracy, people of all races, people of all religions together, living in freedom, The kind of freedom we're used to in the United States. So it's singling out Israel when the United Nations is made of nations of tyrants that no democracy. It's just hypocritical."

"If the United States goes along with it then what kind of body is the United Nations? Why should Israel care about anything the United Nations says when it can't get a fair shake?" Engel said.

"Where they're talking about putting an embassy has always been part of Israel since the formation of the state in 1948... It's silly that Israel is the only country that doesn't have embassies in its capital," Engel said of Jerusalem.

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