Israeli Government: We Have "Ironclad Information" That Obama "Helped Craft" U.N. Resolution Condemning Israel


David Keyes, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN on Sunday evening that Israel had "ironclad information" proving that the Obama administration played a role in "crafting" the U.N. resolution condemning Israel's occupation of the West Bank that passed on Friday.

DAVID KEYES, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT: We have ironclad information, frankly, that the Obama administration really helped this resolution and helped craft it, from sources internationally and from sources in the Arab world.

And it's really an unfortunate legacy, a kind of a last-minute jab at Israel that actually distances peace. And I applaud leaders of both the Democratic and Republican parties that have come out and blasted that deeply anti-Israel resolution, this resolution that unfairly targets Israel from a body which to say is biased would be an understatement.

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