Bill Richardson: Merkel "Last Bastion of Humanitarianism, Internationalism"


Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson disagrees with John Bolton, also a former ambassador to the U.N., that Germans believe they have lost control of their country and that Merkel opened the nation to terrorism. Richardson did acknowledge Merkel's decision to allow refugees into Germany is "politically backfiring."

"Well, I disagree with Ambassador Bolton's statement because who has been weakened here? Angela Merkel, who is the last bastion of humanitarianism, internationalism, she was courageous in admitting the refugees into Germany," Richardson said to MSNBC host Ali Velshi.

"Now this terror attack, it's politically backfiring," he said. "They have German elections next year. I mean, if anything, we should be working with our friends in Europe. And Germany right now is the leading light on issues relating to internationalism, humanitarianism, refugees, economic policies. She's the de facto leader of Europe."

"So to trash her doesn't make sense. I don't understand this fight before the president-elect takes office. I mean, he's going to need Germany," Richardson said.

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