Tucker Carlson: Democrats Trying To Flip Republican Electors Because "They Don't Believe In Democracy"


On Monday morning's edition of 'Fox & Friends,' Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighed in on efforts from Democrats to overturn the results of the election using the Electoral College.

TUCKER CARLSON: They don't believe in democracy, and I would say it is not just the left either. You see Republicans acting in a pretty similar way after Trump got the nomination -- 'We're going to take it from him at the convention.'

It is a crisis when the people running your country don't believe in Democracy. And it makes your country unstable...

They're arguing two things simultaneously -- The electors should vote their conscience in a moral way, and they're also at the same time arguing the electoral college shouldn't exist because it is not Democratic. So they're sort of arguing against themselves...

There’s no mention of voting your conscience [in the Constitution]. And so for my lifetime, the left made a pretty strong case in favor of democracy. You know, empowering people to choose their government.

They’re basically saying: It doesn’t matter than 62 million people voted for Trump, it doesn’t matter that we just had an election, it’s immaterial, 37 Republican electors should switch their votes, those 37 people should choose the next president. They don’t believe in democracy.

Whatever achieving power takes is what they’re willing to do, because it’s not about ideas. It’s about control.

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