Nigel Farage: Obama "Virtue Signaling," Using "Project Fear" Propelled Trump To Victory


Nigel Farage, member of European parliament, told FOX News "virtue signaling" by President Obama to the international community and warning of the impact a Trump presidency would have on the world is what propelled the Republican candidate to victory. Farage said 'Project Fear,' or scaring people of the "terrible things" that would happen to the U.S. under a President Trump, was a contributing factor. From Monday's edition of FOX & Friends:

FOX NEWS: When President Obama was first elected in 2008 one of the early things that he did was he went on this apology tour. He went on a couple of them. He went to many, many countries across the world apologizing for the things that he said America had done wrong. Donald Trump, he wins. He goes to the heart land of America. He goes to the states that helped elect him president. What is your take on all of that and how are folks overseas reacting to Donald Trump, if they are, going to regular folks in America whereas Barack Obama headed overseas?

NIGEL FARAGE: Well, I think Trump is absolutely right. He got these people to vote for him despite the fact they were told that, you know, terrible things would happen to America and America's reputation if Trump won. It is what I call 'Project Fear.' We have much of the same of it here.

What I think what Trump has done with this sort of victory tour is absolutely right. And, yes, people like Obama. We had a very similar prime minister in Tony Blair. It is all about virtue signaling.

It is about showing the international community what a splendid fellow you are. What wonderful values you hold and in a sense that's why we have got Brexit. That's why you've got Trump winning. We've had enough of politicians that posture to try to make themselves look good and don't appear to really give a damn about the lives of ordinary people.

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