Keith Ellison: Media Smearing Me With Louis Farrakhan Connection; "This Is About Distracting People"


Candidate for DNC Chair, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, defended himself from charges of anti-semitism on Wednesday morning's 'Morning Joe.'

He called reports of his connection to controversial black minister Louis Farrakhan "bad reporting," and a distraction. Ellison is being accused of anti-semitism because he praised Farrakhan for organizing the Million Man March in a 1995 op-ed.

"I have a ten year record in Congress," he said. "It is just that kind of reporting that is not quality and doesn't help people understand the real issues."

"What does he have to do with anything going on in this race?" Ellison asked about Farrakhan. "Absolutely nothing."

"We're talking about something that happened in 1995. This is a year when the Million Man March took off -- people were attacking it. I was very proud to be a part of it. But here I am having to answer questions about this, and I'm not talking about what our country needs to do and what the Democratic Party needs to do, because of this smear campaign from 20 years ago."

"This is about distracting people and taking people away from the issues at hand," he said.

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